Work Accidents and Injuries

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When you or a family member has been seriously injured at work, or worse--if you have lost a family member due to a Wrongful Death which happened on the job-- you need a lawyer experienced in these types of cases to advise you and help you decide what you should do after a workplace accident. To have the details of your case evaluated for free by an experienced Dallas work accident lawyer, please call Polewski & Associates at 972-230-6200.

Types of Work Accidents

Tens of thousands of Texans are hurt or killed on the job every year. Hundreds of Texas workers die on the job. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can happen in any industry. Some of the most common types of injuries are:

These accidents can leave you severely injured and unable to support your family.

Who Will Take Responsibility for Your Work Accident?

As your work accident lawyers, our Dallas attorneys will determine who is liable for your injury and work to get you the compensation you deserve. Possible liable parties are:

  • A third party associated with your workplace
  • Your employer
  • No one, in the case of a workers' compensation accident

Under Texas law, employers who obtain workers' compensation insurance for their employees can usually not be sued for on-the-job employee injuries. All that the employee can recover is the workers' compensation insurance benefits, which are very limited. However, in some instances, particularly where the employer's negligence results in an employee's wrongful death at work, employers can be sued even if there is workers' compensation insurance.

In addition, many employers in Texas have decided not to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees.  They will have either a "health plan" or no plan at all to help employees who are injured on the job. These employers, called "nonsubscribers" can have job injury claims brought against them whenever their negligence causes injury to an employee at work.

Nor are employers the only people responsible for work-related injuries in Texas. Many workers are seriously hurt or killed on the job because of the negligence of someone besides their employer. This is common, for example, where a construction worker is killed because another company failed to take routine safety precautions, or where a worker is killed performing maintenance at another company's site, or by another driver when the worker is making a delivery.

In many cases it is difficult to determine who is responsible for a worker's injury on the job, and what compensation a worker and his family can recover. You should know it is illegal to punish workers for making claims, and you have rights following a workplace injury.

At Polewski & Associates, we have decades of experience dealing with work accidents and injuries, Texas workers' compensation law, and the often complex issues involved in getting injured workers and their families full and fair recovery for their injuries. If you and your family are struggling because of a workplace injury, please contact Polewski & Associates at 972-230-6200 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Dallas work accident lawyer.