Slip and Fall Accidents

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Nothing Funny About Falls

In TV shows and movies, falls are treated as a joke.  But they are deadly serious, causing 40,000 deaths a year and millions of hospital visits.   That's why prudent property owners and businesses have and follow procedures to prevent falls on their premises.  There is no excuse for a store or restaurant having dangerous or slippery floors.  No excuse for hazardous parking lots.  No excuse for rickety and uneven stairs and sidewalks in an apartment building or hotel.

But people get hurt because of the negligence of property owners every day. 

If you have a slip and fall accident while at your job, you should consult a work injury attorney at Polewski & Associates. We've been serving the Dallas area for over 25 years, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you get fair compensation for your work injury. Call us today at 972-230-6200 for a free case evaluation.

Making It Right

It just isn't fair that a property owner--a restaurant, a grocery store, an apartment building or concert venue--can invite you to visit them so they can make money off you, and then not make an effort to keep you safe when you get there.  Its not fair that you should have hospital bills, lose work, miss out on important events of your life, and suffer pain all because some business cared more about their profits than their customers.

Property owners have insurance to cover injuries to their visitors caused by their negligence.  If you have fallen and been injured because of a negligent property owner, that insurance is there for you.

Making it Stop

Your lawsuit will make a difference.  When our clients stand up for safety and insist on compensation for their injuries, changes get made.  Your lawsuit makes sure that what happened to you won't happen to another customer or visitor.  When you enforce basic safety rules, everybody is safer.