Hospital Malpractice

Counting The Cost Of Medical Malpractice In Hospitals

Pre oxygenation for general anesthesia.

According to the National Institutes of Healthover 200,000 people die every year because of mistakes made in hospitals. And each of these deaths is an unnecessary tragedy.   Other estimates from medical health researchers put the figure at over 250,000 unnecessary deaths.  And everyone agrees that the vast majority of the time, the patient's family has no idea that their loved one shouldn't have died.  Because of this "conspiracy of silence", families don't even get to seek justice for what happened to them. 

Putting Profits Over Patient Safety


Over the thirty years our medical malpractice team has been handling hospital malpractice cases, the root cause of deaths and injuries at hospitals is becoming more and more obvious:  huge healthcare corporations trying to squeeze more and more profits out of patients.

If you’ve been to a hospital recently, you’ve probably seen some of these effects:

  • Hospitals hiring foreign nurses because nurses who trained in the United States get paid more;
  • Hospitals scheduling fewer and fewer nurses to take care of more and more patients, so that they can’t possibly provide good care to patients;
  • Hospitals hustling patients out the door even when the patients clearly need more care—because the hospital has already made all the profit they are going to make on that patient
  • Hospitals skimping on orderlies to help patients and skimping on cleaning staff;
  • Hospitals tolerating bad doctors because those doctors bring in patients that generate billing for the hospital 

When the hospital’s goal is profit, its no surprise that good patient care is an afterthought, and no surprise that patients get hurt. 

Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Cases

Many of the cases we have handled for our clients involved negligence of doctors and nurses in an emergency room. We’ve seen clients who lost a child or a father because of delays in treatment,  patients hurt and killed by administration of the wrong drug, and people who died because doctors and nurses thought they were "fakers".   Cases where a father died because his heart attack was diagnosed as  "indigestion".   Cases where young men became paralyzed because nurses and doctors in an emergency department thought they were lying just to get some drugs.  We've seen cases where people were hurt or died because emergency room doctors or nurses sent them home without medical care, or because doctors didn't listen when the patient and their family told them what was going on.

Nursing Malpractice

When nurses won’t or can’t pay attention to what is happening with a patient, the patient can die right there in the hospital room—literally within a few feet of the drugs or equipment that could have saved them.  Our team has seen patients die of drug overdoses given by faulty equipment, and patients die because nobody noticed that they had stopped breathing.  We’ve seen patients crippled or paralyzed because doctors and nurses didn’t take the time to properly assess a patient, —or just didn’t want to.  Sometimes these cases are all the nurse’s fault—and sometimes the hospital made it impossible for the nurse to do her job properly.

Making Things Better

Your lawsuit is about fairness. Hospitals have insurance to compensate patients hurt by their mistakes, just as drivers have insurance to compensate people injured by driving mistakes.  It is only fair that your family get compensation for their harms and losses. 

Your lawsuit is also about protecting other people in your community. When our clients stand up and say "this can't happen again", they may save a life that otherwise would be lost. 

We're proud to have represented so many clients who insisted on justice and safety. 

We'd be proud to represent you, too.

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