Back Injury at Work

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By far the most common work injuries are injury to the back and neck. Hundreds of thousands of Texans have jobs which involve heavy or repetitive labor which can cause back and neck injury. Literally hundreds of Texas workers suffer a back injury every day while on the job. The list of jobs where back injury is common is endless, but some of the most common are:

  • Construction workers, who sustain back injury lifting building materials or in falls
  • Factory workers, who injure their backs in accidents or while bending and lifting
  • Nurses and hospital orderlies, who suffer back and neck injury lifting patients
  • Warehouse and delivery workers, who injure their backs in falls and while lifting and moving merchandise

A back injury, even one which does not require back surgery, can cause severe pain and disability, and can cripple even the strongest and toughest worker. When a back injury doesn't heal quickly, suddenly it becomes impossible for a worker to keep doing his job, or to enjoy activities that used to be a big part of his life.  All too often workers who suffer a back injury at work cannot afford the treatment they need to get back on their feet. We have handled many cases where workers were denied treatment for their back injury, where the "company doctor" claims they are not hurt when they are, and where insurance companies give workers the run around instead of paying what they owe.

Texas law provides workers a right to compensation when a back injury happens on the job and because of the negligence of someone else. Nobody has the right to ruin your life because they put profits over safety at your job, or because they did something foolish that put your life and health in danger.

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