Dangerous Products: Tools

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Over the years, the tools we use have become much more powerful, and with the increased power comes increased danger. Power saws and chain saws cut much faster than hand saws, but can kill or maim a user in the blink of an eye. Nail guns cut the work load of a carpenter dramatically, but can kill him if they go off at the wrong time.

As tools become more powerful, they should also be more sophisticated, and manufacturers should take steps to make them safer. Guarding, safety switches and sensors are examples of simple steps that save lives if done right. Unfortunately, some manufacturers rush tools to the market without thinking about the safety of the workers who will use them.

The law provides that people injured by unreasonably dangerous products are entitled to be compensated for their injuries. This is a good law: tools in America are much safer today because of lawsuits filed years ago. At Polewski & Associates, our lawyers know how to evaluate these cases and get injured workers and families the compensation they deserve for injuries caused by dangerous tools.

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