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Unsafe Products

The phrase "product liability" is used to describe situations in which a person or property is injured or suffers a Wrongful Death due to a defective product or service. Sellers and manufacturers of defective products that are unreasonably dangerous  are responsible for the injuries and Wrongful Deaths caused by their unsafe products. Any kind of product can be defective: some of the more famous examples are cars, drugs and products containing asbestos.

There are generally two types of defective products, those with defective designs and those that are manufactured improperly.

Design defects occur when the engineering process used by a company to design a product is faulty, resulting in a product that is unnecessarily dangerous. With a design defect, all of the items that come off a company's assembly line have the same defect. An example of this type of defect is a problem with the design of a car's gas tank or seatbelt: every single car of that model will have the same defect, and every person who rides in them runs the same risk of injury and death.

On the other hand, a manufacturing defect occurs when a product is not manufactured as designed. While there is nothing wrong with the product's overall design, the manner in which it is assembled is flawed. With a manufacturing defect, the problem is usually not common to all of the items which roll off the company's assembly line, but rather with only a few. An example of this kind of defect is a ladder with one rung that isn't properly welded. The design is correct, but the ladder just wasn't made right.

Picking the Right Lawyer

Product manufacturers are represented by specialized lawyers who handle these kinds of cases all the time. They have an unfair advantage over the average lawyer who doesn't handle product liability cases: they know the special laws that apply to products liability cases, they know the experts needed to win the cases, and they know how to prepare these special cases for trial. Unless you have experienced products liability attorney that know all of those things too, your case doesn't stand a chance.

At Polewski & Associates, we have the experience and skill to handle these special cases, and to take on the manufacturers and their lawyers. In cases like this, your choice of lawyers will make all the difference.

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