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The construction industry employs over 6 million people in the United States. Each year over 8,000 of those construction workers are injured or killed on the job. Most construction accidents can be avoided by employers offering proper training and supplying adequate safety equipment.

The most common construction accident injuries are falls, electrical accidents, and falling objects. A construction accident injury can also be caused by the unsafe use of tools or equipment or the failure of walls or trenches. Construction workers are exposed to a wider variety of hazards than any other occupation. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show that in the past 23 years fatality and injury rates have fallen significantly in almost every other occupation, except construction.

Preventing Construction Accidents

Almost all construction accident injuries can be prevented. Construction supervisors should exercise common sense, and construction companies need to properly train and equip the construction workers. The construction industry knows where the dangers are on construction job sites and how to keep workmen safe. Unfortunately construction companies sometimes try to cut corners and save money by skimping on safety equipment, or insisting that workmen hurry to finish a job before taking safety precautions.

Construction workers should only work in areas in which they are trained, doing otherwise poses undue risk of a construction accident injury.

An employee who is involved in a construction accident is not responsible for an employer's failure to provide proper safety equipment and training, or their failure to implement proper safety procedures!

Construction accident victims are often hardworking men who were reluctant to complain about unsafe working conditions for fear of losing their job. The unfortunate result is that many thousands of workers suffer from serious personal injury and wrongful death in construction accidents every year.

Finding the Right Construction Accident Lawyer

The law provides a way for injured workers and their families to get back on their feet again after suffering a construction accident injury. You need a lawyer with experience working on cases such as construction accidents, and a lawyer board certified in personal injury trial law.

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