When Foot Surgery Goes Bad

My office sees a lot of clients who have been hurt by bad podiatrists. Invariably, the patient goes into the podiatrist with a minor problem, the podiatrist acts like fixing it is “nothing”–and the patient ends up with a major problem because the podiatrist did not take simple precautions for the patient’s safety. We’ve seen many cases where the podiatrist is doing a routine operation (like removal of a bunion or a corn) and it appears that the podiatrist either didn’t know what he was doing or decided that he would create a “new” method for doing an operation. Worse, when these operations fail, these podiatrists keep operating, trying to fix the damages caused by their first surgery without fully understanding either what went wrong or what to do about it.

All too often the result is a patient who is permanently crippled when all she wanted was a bunion removed.

The moral of this story is that not every podiatrist should be doing all of the surgeries that they are willing to do, and that patients considering having foot surgery by a podiatrist also get a second opinion from a medical doctor who does foot surgery. There are orthopedic surgeons who perform foot surgery, and their training is much more extensive than that of podiatrists. Second, if your first surgery with a podiatrist went bad, it is imperative that you immediately see a foot and ankle specialist that is an M.D. Letting a podiatrist who isn’t good at surgery keep operating on your foot after he failed once is a recipe for disaster.

If you have been injured by a bad podiatrist, give us a call. We can help, and we can help you find doctors to fix your feet.

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