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Dallas Dentist Malpractice Attorney

Very, very few lawyers in Dallas--or in Texas, for that matter--handle dentist malpractice cases.  If you Google for "dentist malpractice lawyer" you may get five results, but look closer, and you'll see that almost all of the lawyers advertising for these cases don't really handle them--or take only the easiest, most obvious cases--and then only if you find an expert willing to testify against your dentist.  They want you to do all the work and pay them a fee for doing almost nothing.

But if your case is complicated, or requires understanding of complex issues like implant placement and design, or how a bone graft should be done, or what orthagnathic surgery is, then you will find that there is only one realistic choice.  At Polewski & Associates, we have handled the most complicated and serious dentist malpractice cases for over 25 years.  Cases like:

  • failure to properly design and install dental implants
  • failure to properly design and place bridges and prosthetic teeth
  • botched orthagnathic and maxillofacial surgery
  • endocarditis caused by dentist negligence
  • life threatening infections
  • permanent nerve damage and loss of taste
  • tinnitus caused by tooth extraction

Not only do we know whether you have a case or not without asking you to do the work for us, but we know the top dentists in town so we can refer you to someone who can fix you.

Treating Our Clients Right

When you call us, you don't get the run around.  We'll tell you right away if we think we can help you.  If we think we can't, we'll tell you that--and we'll tell you why.

If we take your case, nobody will treat you better and with more respect.  You will deal with an attorney--not a "case manager". But don't take our word for it:  check out our written and video client reviews, or what the independent lawyers rating service AVVO has to say about us.  Check out our qualifications.  You won't find anyone like us.

Act Now.

It is important that you contact us as soon as you can.  Tomorrow may be too late to sue, or the day that a critical piece of evidence is lost.  And there is no reason to wait:  the consultation is free, and you won't pay us a penny unless we win your case or get a settlement for you.

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