Malpractice in Hospitals

Proving Medical Malpractice

Hundreds of Thousands Killed by Medical Malpractice Study after study–by the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, the National Institute of Health, major medical schools and others, have concluded that hundreds of thousands of people die every year in this country because of medical malpractice.  Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, more Americans are injured […]

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Three Questions All New Medical Malpractice Clients Ask

The first time I speak to any medical malpractice client, we always go over the facts of their case and sometimes discuss medical malpractice law as well. At the end of the conference, if we decide to take the case, the clients always have 3 questions: The answers to these questions at the very beginning

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Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

In analyzing whether you have a good medical malpractice case, we’ll look at three issues: 1. Did the Doctor Make an Inexcusable Mistake? It is not enough in a medical malpractice case to prove that a doctor made a mistake. Some mistakes are excusable and are not medical malpractice. For example, during a surgery, a doctor may

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What Happens When Doctors Don’t Have to Pay for the Damage They Cause?

One of the most consistent goals of so-called “tort reform” is to put an upper limit on the amount that a defendant has to pay for the damage he causes in injury suits.  For example, in Texas, where there are such limits, a doctor can kill a child or a housewife or a grandfather through

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Stopping the Next Misdiagnosis Tragedy

Every year there are advances in diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries.  For example, there have been dramatic improvements in methods of treating cancer and diagnosing cancer.  While cancer misdiagnosis cases are particularly tragic, our team has been handling more and more misdiagnosis cases involving not only cancer but other diseases.  Diseases like meningitis, and

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The Meaning of “Wrongful Death”

Wrongful Death Lawsuits At my firm we handle a variety of Wrongful Death lawsuits.  Because we work on so many medical malpractice cases, most of the Wrongful Death suits we handle are also medical malpractice cases.  Just yesterday, I had a client call us about a medical malpractice case, but she wanted to know if

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