Do I Need a Lawyer for My Landlord/Tenant Dispute?

Even the most positive landlord/tenant relationships can go sour on occasion. It is important to remember that landlords are not renting their home to you out of the goodness of their hearts. They rent their property to others in order to make money. Many landlords are very friendly when there are no problems and rent is being paid on time, but once there is a dispute, they may show you a different side of their personality.

Landlord/tenant relationships can break down for a number of reasons:

  • The tenants begin to assert their rights
  • The landlord fails to fulfill his obligations
  • Tenants do not make payments on time

When this happens, you might find yourself embroiled in a stressful battle in which you are unsure of your rights, your legal options, or the best way to proceed. A lease between a landlord and tenant is a contract. As a result, landlord/tenant disputes are governed by contract law. In order to ensure your rights are protected during this difficult time, you will need to work with a contract law attorney who has extensive experience handling landlord/tenant disputes.

Regardless of the issue which led to your landlord/tenant dispute, seeking legal representation in the early stages of the dispute can save you a tremendous amount of time, aggravation, and money in the long run. Sometimes, a lawyer can help you resolve your dispute with a consultation, or by contacting the landlord directly and advocating on your behalf. Sometimes you may need a lawyer to initiate legal action to assert your rights. Whether your dispute is relatively minor or one that jeopardizes your ability to remain in your home, speaking with a lawyer will help you devise a strategy to resolve the situation in a manner that ensures your best interests are represented.

The Dallas contract law attorneys at Polewski & Associates have been handling landlord/tenant disputes for more than 25 years. We will provide you with sound guidance and aggressive representation every step of the way to ensure you achieve the most favorable resolution possible to your dispute.

Please contact Polewski & Associates today to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve clients in Dallas and throughout North Texas.

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