Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Help Everyone

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Help Everyone

Talk radio hosts and insurance lobbyists have made their careers criticizing people who file suit – as if using the courts guaranteed by the Constitution was dirty. Who is funding all this talk? People who get sued and their insurance companies, of course.

Powerful people and their insurance companies don’t like being sued, but much more is at stake than the convenience of a negligent doctor or the profits of an insurance company.

The Courts Enforce Our Community’s Rules

All of us grew up with the knowledge that there were rules in our house, and that if we broke the rules we would be punished. The fact that there are consequences for children when they misbehave is a primary reason that children in houses with caring parents grow up to be responsible adults. We have all also seen what happens when children grow up without guidance and discipline.

This principle that when people break the rules there must be consequences for misbehavior is the basis of the civil justice system.

Our courts are there to enforce the safety rules that we all rely on. Of course it would be great if negligent doctors and their insurance companies would admit their mistakes and immediately paid for the damage caused by medical malpractice. But this is the real world, and in the real world doctors and their insurance companies cover up malpractice and insurance companies don’t pay damages caused by malpractice even when they know they should.

When negligent doctors and insurance companies won’t take responsibility for medical malpractice, injured people have the right – and the duty – to make sure that they do.

Rules only mean something if they are enforced. Children know that, and as adults we should never forget it.

Our Courts Enforce Fairness

As children we all learned that if we break or take something that isn’t ours, we have to make it right. If we broke our neighbor’s window, we had to pay for it. If we took another child’s toy, we had to give it back.

Malpractice lawsuits are about making a negligent doctor pay for the damage he caused. Nobody doubts that a driver who ran a red light should pay for injuries caused by his negligence. In the same way, when doctors break medical safety rules, it is only fair the the doctor and his medical malpractice insurance company pay for the damage caused by medical malpractice.

Making Things Better

No medical malpractice lawsuit can bring a dead father back or make a paralyzed child walk. But medical malpractice lawsuits can ensure that the father’s children get to go to college and that the paralyzed child gets the assistance she needs.

Malpractice lawsuits we have handled have done these things and many more. They have made it possible for people and families to recover from great tragedies and disabilities, to get medical care, to replace income lost, to recover dignity. They have made negligent doctors accountable for their actions. We demand this accountability from our children. We can’t tolerate less from our doctors.

Preventing Other Tragedies

When we were children and we were punished for being careless or thoughtless, the main reason we were punished is so we would not do it again. As adults we discipline our children for the same reason.

And in dealing with other adults, we must act the same way. One of the main reasons – and sometimes the only reason – our clients come to us it that they want to make sure that what happened to them won’t happen again.

Your lawsuit may save a life or prevent a terrible injury. Our team is proud of the good that medical malpractice lawsuits do, and the suffering that our clients have prevented by standing up and insisting “Never Again!”

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