FDA Delays Ruling on Generic Drug Safety Regulations

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If you or someone you love has been injured by a dangerous medication, call the Dallas product liability attorneys at Polewski & Associates to learn how we can helpThe New York Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration has delayed until 2017 a decision on whether or not to require the manufacturers of generic medications to warn patients of the potentially dangerous side-effects of their drugs. The argument made by the manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals is that such labels would only confuse consumers who may have seen different warnings on the brand-name packaging of the same drugs. The FDA stated that delaying this rule would allow generic drug manufacturers to independently update their safety warnings to match those provided by brand-name alternatives according to statnews.com. However, this delay could very well continue the trend of poorly informed patients suffering injury or harm due to lack of proper warnings.

The Dallas dangerous drug attorneys at Polewski & Associates understand how difficult it can be to fully understand the risks posed by certain medications. This issue is made more dangerous when generic drug companies are not required to disclose all potential side-effects of a medication – particularly as generic prescriptions become more and more common due to insurance regulations. Even when not required by law to warn patients of harm, a drug company may be liable for injury caused by their product. Our attorneys are prepared to investigate your case, identify the liable party, and help you get the compensation your injuries demand.

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