Dental Implant Surgery Malpractice

Ideally, dental implants offer a one-and-done option for tooth replacement. Boasting permanence and offering benefits not produced by other artificial tooth options, dental implants are among the most popular solutions for replacing missing teeth. But what are your options when your cosmetic dentist performs the procedure poorly, resulting in serious injury?

Just like other types of surgeons, oral surgeons are responsible for the health and safety of their patients. Improperly performed, the insertion of dental implants into the jaw can result in:

  • Serious infection
  • Permanent loss of sensation in the jaw
  • Destruction of the sinus cavity
  • Jawbone perforation

These issues can result in pain, an inability to bite and chew, and constant tingling and numbness in the jaw. They may also make future tooth replacement more complicated, require additional surgical procedures, and produce a lifetime of struggle. Sadly, these complications are often the result of surgical negligence on the part of the implant dentist.

Dental implant complications can arise when an implant is inserted at the wrong angle, when outdated techniques are used, and when proper planning is not done. Dental implants require a significant amount of preparation and may need bone grafts for support. When rushed, which is often the case at practices that offer “same day dental implants,” injury is much more likely to occur. However, even skilled cosmetic dentists with years of experience can make bad decisions, rush to complete a procedure, or make avoidable mistakes. When they do and you are injured as a result, our Dallas dental implant malpractice lawyers are here to hold the surgeon accountable, fight for fair compensation, and work to prevent negligent dentists and dental offices from harming additional patients.

To schedule your free consultation at our Dallas, Texas office, please contact Polewski & Associates online or by calling (972) 230-6200 and schedule a free consultation today. We serve North Texas and Arkansas.

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