What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

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How can consumers know that they are getting a competent personal injury lawyer instead of a faker with an advertising budget? There is no information anywhere that tells people in plain English what they need to know.

Worse, many of the lawyers who advertise the most are actually the least competent lawyers, and get the worst results for their clients. Not only do their ads make all lawyers look bad, but they do a lousy job for their clients.

That’s why I wrote my controversial report “What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer”. I’ll send you this report for free. There is no obligation. The report is short, easy to read, and gives you the unvarnished truth about how personal injury lawyers work and how to tell the difference between competent personal injury lawyers and fakers.

This report will tell you:

  • How “Contingent Fee” Contracts Work
  • How Dishonest Lawyers Rip You Off
  • The Signs That You’re About to Be Sold Out
  • How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Lawyer
  • ... and much more

Are you already talking to a law firm about your case? There are important questions you should ask before you hire any lawyer for a personal injury case.

You Make a Texas Personal Injury Claim

I wrote my report “What You Need to Know BeforeYou Make a Texas Personal Injury Claim” because I’m tired of seeing good people get hurt in accidents and then get hurt again by dishonest insurance companies and lawyers--simply because they didn’t have the basic information that they need to protect themselves.

Insurance adjusters have a huge advantage in dealing with Texas personal injury victims: they know what your claim is worth and how much they should have to pay—and you don’t. Information is power, and when dealing with insurance adjusters, information is money.

In this free report, I’m going to tell you the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Texas personal injury suits, like:

  • Is it “Wrong” to Sue?
  • What Can a Lawsuit Do for Me?
  • Is it Too Late to File Suit?
  • Do I Need a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?
  • Do I Have a Good Case?
  • Common Insurance Company Tricks and Lies
  • What Is My Case Worth?
  • How Do I Make Sure My Settlement is Fair?

I’ll send you this report for free. There is no obligation, and nobody is going to pressure you to hire me or my firm. We just aren’t that kind of people. Sure, we hope you call us if you need a good lawyer, but we’re not going to call you unless you want us to.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an accident, contact Polewski & Associates today: 972.230.6200.

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