How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

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As someone who was injured in a truck accident, you need the guidance and advocacy of an aggressive, experienced attorney. Trucking companies work quickly to defend themselves with powerful insurance companies, and you need an equally skilled attorney to be on your side. For a free case evaluation with our experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer, please call Polewski & Associates at 972.230.6200.

Experience and Knowledge

Your lawyer should have experience with truck cases and knowledge of all the related factors that go into resolving these types of cases. Your case deserves a truck wreck specialist. Your lawyer should have knowledge and experience with:

  • Trucking regulations and laws
  • Dealing with trucking insurance companies
  • Truck accident and trucking experts
  • Medical experts
  • Factors that can cause a truck accident
  • Options to resolving a truck accident case
  • Impact of truck accident injuries

Cases involving trucks can be a little different from other types of accident cases, mainly because of the powerful companies they may involve. Trucking companies have lots of experience with defending themselves in accident cases, and they will be prepared and ready soon after your accident. You need an attorney who is ready to build your case and deal with intimidating insurance companies.

John Polewski has been handling truck accident cases for decades, and he knows the complex factors that go into these cases. He does not back down to intimidating opponents, and he has the knowledge and experience to pry into what caused the truck to crash and whether negligence was at play, and then he can determine the responsible party and seek compensation on your behalf.

Dedication to Your Case

In addition to choosing an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, you should choose an attorney who you trust and who you feel is dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome in your case.

No attorney can guarantee any one outcome, including recovering compensation. But we can promise we will fight aggressively for what is in your best interest. As a truck accident victim, you need and deserve compensation to help you pay your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and compensate you for your pain and suffering. We will fight on your behalf to pursue this compensation.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, or if you lost a family member to one of these accidents, please contact Polewski & Associates at 972.230.6200 for a free consultation.

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