Dog Bite Cases

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When dogs are properly trained and cared for, they make terrific companions and protectors for our families and children.  Unfortunately, some dog owners fail to train or control their dogs.  Some people even intentionally mistreat their dogs to make them mean.  Dogs like this can be vicious or suddenly "snap" when excited.  They attack, and their bites can cause serious injury or even death.

Everyone at Risk of Dog Bite

We've all seen dog owners who act like they are big, tough men just because they have big, mean dogs.  Alll of us have have seen  dogs running wild and out of control.  All of us have had the experience of being followed by a stray dog that has its ears back and is growling.  There's no telling when a dog like that will attack.

Owners of dogs like this put everyone around them at risk.   Very often, it is a little child who is the victim of a dog bite.  But our attorneys have also seen cases where adult men and women are attacked.  When a dog owner is negligent, anybody can be the victim of a dog attack.  Some dogs are so big and powerful that they can overpower anyone.

Making It Right.  Making it Stop.

Your dog bite lawsuit is about two things:  making sure that the victim of the dog bite gets compensated for their suffering and the costs of care for the dog bite; and making sure that it doesn't happen again.

Negligent owners of dangerous dogs have to be forced to do the right thing.  Time after time after time, when we sue negligent dog owners in dog bite cases, it is obvious that they just simply don't care about anybody else.  They don't care who their dogs hurt.  They don't care that their dogs became vicious because they mistreated their dogs.  They don't care that their neighbors are afraid to take a walk in their own neighborhood. 

You can't reason with people like that.  You have to make them stop.

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But delay in contacting us about your dog bite case can make a big difference in whether we can help you.  Evidence can get lost, witnesses can leave town or become unavailable--we've even had cases where the dog owner took his vicious dogs and moved to another state.

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