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Dog Bite Criminal and Civil Law

People who fail to control dangerous dogs in Texas are subject to both criminal penalties and to civil liability for the injuries caused by their dogs.  "Criminal penalties" are penaltis that the Texas Penal Code imposes on dog owners that are enforced by the police and the district attorney.  These penalties can include jail time, fines and orders requiring that dogs found to be vicious be killed so they cannot injure anyone else.  Criminal penalties are not aimed at providing compensation to people hurt by dog bites, but rather to punishing owners of vicious dogs for their conduct in allowing the dog bite to occur.

Civil liability involves a defferent set of laws, and is imposed by a jury in a "civil" rather than a "criminal" trial.  In a civil lawsuit, the issue is not about punishing the dog owner, but rather about getting just compensation for people who have been hurt by dangerous dogs. 

There is, of course, some overlap between the two types of dog bite cases.  Almost always, when someone is hurt by dangerous dogs or gets bitten by a poorly controlled dog, both civil and criminal laws are involved.  In the typical dog bite lawsuit we handle, there is an ongoing investigation or criminal case being handled by the police or the district attorney at the same time.  In some of our cases, we have been able to provide information to the district attorney that helped obtain a criminal conviction.

Dog Bite Cases Need Experienced Attorneys

If you believe you have a dog bite lawsuit, it is important that you select an experienced dog bite attorney.  The issues in your dog bite lawsuit are going to involve not only the civil and criminal dog bite statutes in Texas, but often issue of premises liability, landlord/tenant liability, and insurance law.  Your attorney in your dog bite lawsuit better know a lot more than the average lawyer about these issues, or your settlement will be a small fraction of what your case is worth.

Equally importantly, dog bite cases involve issues of psychological injuries and the need for plastic surgery that most attorneys never encounter.  You need an attorney familiar with these issues in dog bite cases. 

If you believe you have a dog bite lawsuit, you should look for lawyers who are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law, attoneys who have experience with medical issues and serious injuries, and attorneys who are highly recommended.  You will find that type of dog bite lawyer when you contact Polewski & Associates.  See Who We Are

We would be very happy to help you with your dog bite lawsuit.  But if you don't contact us, please call someone with qualifications like ours.  Dog bite cases are too serious to entrust to rookie lawyers, or lawyers who usually handle "fender benders" or divorces.

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