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If you suspect that you or your family has been hurt by negligent failure to diagnose a disease or injury, you'll need an experienced and specialized medical malpractice lawyer to help you.  Figuring out when and how a disease should have been diagnosed--and whether the delay made any difference, is often very complicated.  If you choose a lawyer who doesn't understand the medicine and the law in these cases, you and your family have no chance of winning.  None at all. 

At Polewski & Associates, we have been handling diagnosis malpractice cases for over 25 years.  In that time, we have seen almost every kind of case imaginable:  see a summary of the cases we have handled here.

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The Diagnosis Problem--When Doctors Don't Pay Attention

Over the course of the last hundred years, doctors have developed rules for how to make the right diagnosis and get treatment to patients on time. Using these rules and advances in laboratory testing and medical scanning, doctors today routinely save people who even twenty years ago would surely have died.

But none of the tests, and none of the machinery, and none of the miracle drugs, will make any difference if doctors do not follow the simple diagnosis rules they are all taught in medical school.  When these rules are broken, the patient might just as well be a patient in the 1920’s.  Modern medicine can’t save anybody if doctors don’t follow the rules developed for patient safety.  Laboratory tests and modern medical scans are worthless if they aren’t used.

Our team has handled cases involving medical malpractice in diagnosis for over 25 years.  These cases include cases of Wrongful Death, brain damage, paralysis, amputations and other serious injuries.

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Failure to Diagnose Infection

Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from infections that they could have survived—if only the diagnosis and treatment had been made in time. Many of these deaths occur in hospitals, where the National Institutes of Health estimate that over 100,000 Americans die annually because of errors made by doctors and nurses.

Many other infections are missed in doctors' offices and at emergency care centers. Our attorneys have seen many of these cases, the most common types being a failure to diagnose:

Regardless of where the infection is missed, there is no doubt that medical malpractice in delayed diagnosis of infection is a serious problem and that people are getting hurt and killed.

It is one thing to understand why these mistakes happen, but to allow sloppy medical care to continue is an entirely different story. Your lawsuit against negligent doctors or hospitals makes them do what they should have done in the first place: pay attention.

Failure to Diagnose Meningitis

If you or a loved one has suffered bacterial (or spinal) meningitis and there was a delayed diagnosis, we may be able to help you obtain recovery for your loss. It's a tragic fact that sometimes doctors and hospitals fail to make the diagnosis of meningitis in time, or fail to treat it in time. When this happens, the results are terrible. Injuries may include brain damage, loss of hearing, amputations or death.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the lining of the brain. Meningitis is almost always caused by a bacterial or viral infection of the spinal fluid. The infection generally starts elsewhere, like the ears, sinuses or throat, and then spreads through the blood stream to the spinal fluid and the lining of the brain called the meninges. There are over 10,000 meningitis cases per year, and about two thirds are in children due to immature immune systems.

The bacterial form of meningitis is an extremely serious illness that requires immediate medical care. If not treated quickly, it can lead to death within hours or to permanent brain damage in about 30% of people.Delayed diagnosis and treatment of bacterial meningitis constitutes medical malpractice, and it is the most common form of meningitis malpractice claim.Bacterial meningitis is caused by any one of several bacteria, including Group B strep (in newborns), Hemophilus influenza type b (in babies), meningococcus (mostly in young adults) and pneumococcus (the most common for adults). Together, these four bacteria account for over 80% of bacterial meningitis cases in the United States.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Many cancers that used to kill every person who got it are now routinely cured. Doctors have medicines and treatment options at their command today that would have been science fiction only a few years ago.

At Polewski & Associates, we have seen too many medical malpractice cases where the failure to diagnose cancer made the difference between a certain cure with minor surgery and a long painful death after devastating chemical and radiation therapy. There is nothing sadder than to watch wonderful people die, knowing that if their doctors had been paying attention they would be living active and healthy lives.

And your cancer diagnosis medical malpractice case could save a life. The number one reason our clients come to us, without exception, is their determination to make sure that what happened to them won't happen to another family. When you sue a doctor or hospital for failing to pay attention and missing a cancer diagnosis, you can be sure they will learn their lesson.  The next patient is going to get better and faster treatment. 

Nothing can bring back a loved one who died because of misdiagnosis of cancer.  But your failure to diagnose cancer lawsuit can be a powerful legacy.

Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack

Every doctor and nurse in America has been trained to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Every hospital in America has laboratory tests and EKGs which can diagnose a heart attack. It should be impossible for a person to come to a hospital in this country with a heart attack and not get help.

Yet people die needlessly every year because doctors and nurses missed a heart attack that was happening right in front of them. Mr. Polewski has handled medical malpractice cases in which people were given medication for indigestion and were sent home where they died of a heart attack. Our team has seen cases where people having a heart attack in an emergency room were ignored for hours until they collapsed.

These cases aren't just tragic:  they are inexcusable.

The Tragedy of Lost Chances

Some of the saddest cases our misdiagnosis and diagnosis delay lawyers have handled involve these lost chances.

A beautiful young mother dead of cervical cancer that her doctors and a laboratory should have seen, but didn't.

A strong, athletic young man loses his leg because his doctors didn't do a simple test which would have shown the compartment syndrome that almost killed him.

A young woman suffers painful and disabling surgery on both lungs because her obvious symptoms of pneumonia are ignored until she was almost dead.

A beloved grandmother dies because her heart attack is diagnosed as indigestion. A brother dies of sudden cardiac death literally seconds after doctors at a hospital declared him to be fine.

In none of those medical malpractice cases did the doctors who made the mistake admit it to the family. It was only after our misdiagnosis lawyers were hired, and we reviewed the records, that what happened became clear.

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If you suspect that you or a family member have been the victim of medical malpractice, specifically a failure to diagnose a medication condition, there is only one way to know for sure—contact a competent and experienced medical malpractice lawyer. When you call us, you can be comfortable knowing that you are choosing a board certified trial specialist with over 25 years of experience handling a wide variety of medical malpractice cases. Throughout his career, Mr. Polewski has handled almost every kind of medical malpractice case imaginable, including numerous failure to diagnose malpractice cases.

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