Defective Automobiles

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We take the safety of our cars for granted. Of course we know that people are hurt in auto accidents - but few of us ever think about whether the car we are driving is designed in a way that makes an accident more likely, or with features that make an accident more dangerous to the people inside it.

If you are believe your injuries have been a result of a defective vehicle, our Dallas auto accident attorney's can help. Call 972.230.6200 to schedule your free consultation today.

Automobile Defects

When an automobile has a defective design, there is literally no way for us to know it until it is too late-and often nobody suspects that a dangerous design has caused an accident even after the accident happens. We like to think that by now all of the really dangerous defects in cars have been fixed.

But that isn't true. Famous defects like gasoline tanks that explode in minor accidents and tires that come apart for no reason are just the tip of the iceberg, and people are still getting hurt because of them. Some of the more common automobile defects which kill Americans include:

  • Cars designed with too high a center of gravity or poor steering characteristics, causing them to roll over;
  • Cars designed with cheap and ineffective seatbelts, which fail when an accident happens
  • Cars with doors or hatchbacks which fly open on impact, ejecting passengers from the vehicle into oncoming traffic
  • Cars with seats which collapse or come off the rails when an accident happens, leading to serious injury and death of passengers
  • Cars with airbags that fail to deploy when they should, or with airbags that deploy for no reason

In any case involving an auto accident, it is critically important to have qualified experts view the accident scene and examine the car before evidence is lost or destroyed. There is no time to waste.

And there is another reason to call. Many of the major advances in automobile safety have resulted from lawsuits by people just like you. The government didn't prevent the cars with the exploding gas tanks or the dangerous tires from getting on the road, and the government didn't get them off the road. Lawsuits did-and lawsuits are making cars safer every year in this country.

If a defective automobile hurt or killed someone you care about, then there are thousands of people at risk right now because of the same defective design. If you don't do something about it, someone else is going to get hurt.

Learn more about How Dangerous Cars Make Car Accidents Worse.

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If you've been injured in a car accident due to a defective vehicle, let the auto injury attorneys at Polewski & Associates fight for you. Please contact Polewski & Associates at 972.230.6200 for a case evaluation.

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