Car Accidents: Defective and Dangerous Vehicles

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For decades now, automobile engineers have recognized that the way cars are made can make a huge difference in whether passengers in a car survive a car accident or are killed. The design of a seat belt latch can make the difference between a passenger being thrown through the windshield or walking away from a car accident without a scratch. Cars which are properly designed to withstand the stresses of a car accident are called "crashworthy," and there is no excuse for any car company failing to design their cars to withstand the car accidents they know will happen.

All too often, inexperienced or ignorant lawyers fail to see that their clients were injured or killed in a car accident because of their defective vehicle. They settle their clients' claims for next to nothing against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash, never realizing that there is a far bigger claim against the car manufacturer which may be worth millions.

Some of the more common types of auto accident cases in which a car accident victim may have a claim that his car was not "crashworthy" include:

  • Seat belt latches that come undone during a car wreck, causing unrestrained passengers to be seriously injured and even ejected from the car
  • Door latches that fail when subjected to expected stresses during car accidents, leading to passengers being thrown from the car
  • Car roofs that are poorly designed, resulting in the roof collapsing during a car wreck and causing serious head and neck injuries to passengers
  • Car seat backs which fail, resulting in serious injuries or death to passengers who are hit by the seat back or who are thrown out of the seat into the rear of the car or out the rear window in a car wreck
  • Air bags which fail to inflate on impact or inflate with too much force, resulting in serious injuries or death to passengers

These and other design defects in cars result in thousands of deaths a year and devastating injuries. If you or a loved one were seriously hurt in a car accident, you need lawyers who understand crashworthy design and how it may have affected you in your car accident. Your injuries may not have been caused by a vehicle that wasn't crashworthy, but going to a lawyer who doesn't know the difference could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars you need for medical care and to pay your bills.

There is no time to waste: you need to contact us now, so that we can analyze your case before crucial evidence on the road and in the auto salvage yard is lost forever.

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