Steel Crowns in Little Patients

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Steel Crowns and Medicaid Fraud

It may be hard to believe that any professional could intentionally make a living off of destroying the mouths of poor children, but in Texas  there are many dentists who are doing just that. 

Texas Medicaid, there to provide care for people who need care but cannot afford it, has paid out literally hundreds of millions of dollars to dentists who install ugly, painful--and unnecessary--steel crowns on  young children's teeth.  Some of these dentists think nothing of putting 5, 10 or more of these crowns in patients as young as five years old. 

These dentists then charge our government and get paid for hurting our children. 

Standing Up.  Speaking Out.

If this has happened to someone you care about, you need to do something about it.   File a complaint with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners here.

And then contact us by calling 972-230-6200. We need to make these people stop hurting Texas children, and we need to make them sorry that they did. There is no charge for talking to us, and we want to hear from you.