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There is a huge difference between an experienced car wreck trial lawyer and a lawyer who settles every case for whatever the insurance company feels like paying. Some of the lawyers who advertise the most have NEVER tried a case to a jury.  Way too many lawyers who advertise are "all hat and no cattle".  And no matter how "tough" they say they are on TV, nobody will take your case seriously if one of these fakers is your lawyer.

Telling the Difference

Fortunately it is easy for people looking for a qualified car wreck lawyer to tell the difference between the fakers and the real deal.  Your car wreck lawyer should be Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the State Bar of Texas  Board of Legal Specialization.  This certification is awarded only after years of proven trial experience, recommendations of other lawyers and judges, and a difficult written examination.  Your lawyer should have top reviews from clients and other lawyers.  That's a minimum.  Of course, when you choose Polewski & Associates, you get all of that--plus much more, like membership in the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates and Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  See Who We Are.

The Difference Between Full Compensation and Nothing at All.

Sometimes it's easy to prove who was at fault in a car wreck or a truck accident--for instance, when one driver doesn't to stop at a red light and rear ends someone who did. Many times, it just isn't that easy. With many drivers on the road, constantly shifting road and weather conditions, and the unlimited potential for drivers to be distracted or forced to avoid dangerous actions by other drivers, proving a car wreck or truck accident case can be challenging and difficult.

That's why car insurance companies hire attorneys who are experienced in handling car wrecks, and who understand the science and the law behind proving who is at fault for a car accident. You should, too.

Here's an example from one of our recent cases. Our client was driving on a highway "out in the country", came over a hill and hit a garbage truck which was parked in the road. The garbage truck owner said that he had to park there to pick up the garbage, and that the accident was our client's fault because our client was driving too fast and not paying attention. Who was at fault for this accident? An inexperienced lawyer would have no idea. But we did.

Measuring the distance from the crest of the hill to where the collision occurred, we found that the distance was 258 feet. Our client was driving the speed limit of 70 miles per hour. We know that a car traveling 70 miles per hour covers 103 feet per second, and that it would take that car at least 252 feet to stop under the best conditions. We also know that even the fastest human being could not hit the brakes in less than four tenths of a second. Simple mathematics then proves that there was no way our client could have avoided the accident.

That is what a competent car wreck lawyer can do for you that an inexperienced car wreck lawyer can't. And it makes the difference between being able to recover for your car wreck injury, and getting nothing to compensate you for your injuries, your medical bills, and your lost income.

You and your family deserve car accident lawyers who know what they're doing, car accident lawyers who are willing to fight for you, and car accident lawyers who can win.

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