Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer

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Drunk drivers kill people every day on Texas roads and highways. Irresponsible and selfish, drunk drivers get into their cars and trucks laughing about how much they have had to drink, and they don't care at all about the rest of us on the road. In Texas, we have the highest rate of traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers in the nation, and the highest number of people killed by drunk drivers. And what is worse, a staggering one third of drunk drivers involved in fatal accidents have been found guilty of drunk driving before.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a drunk driver, contact the lawyers at Polewski & Associates right now. We know how angry you are, and we know the pain you are going through. While we can't heal your injuries, we can surely go after the drunk driver who hurt you as well as those responsible for letting him drive drunk.

At Polewski & Associates, we know that you aren't looking for a lawyer to "make money"-you need a lawyer because you want justice, because you want to make guilty people take responsibility for their actions, and because you want to get the drunks off the road so they can't hurt anyone else. We're proud to represent people hurt by drunk drivers. Call or email us today. We can help.

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