Car Accidents Due to Dangerous Roadways

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts to drive safely and responsibly, circumstances are simply beyond our control. A drunk driver, for example, might swerve into your lane, or a cyclist or pedestrian may cross in front of you. We expect our roadways to be safe, but when they’re not, serious injury can occur. To arrange a free consultation with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney, please contact Polewski & Associates today at 972-230-6200.

Our driving experience is only as safe as the roads upon which we drive. While our Texas state roads are in generally good shape, it’s by no means universal. Here are some situations that can cause serious problems for motorists.

  • Insufficient illumination is a problem in areas that aren’t quite remote enough to warrant high-beam lights, but aren’t sufficiently urban to have good lighting.
  • Poor lane markings are especially problematic at night and in bad weather. If you can’t see your lane, how are you meant to drive safely?
  • Dangerous curves are one of the leading road hazards. Properly curved roads feature a safe turning radius, an embankment that supports the car as it makes the turn, and adequate signage warning you of the upcoming curve.
  • Steep dropoffs might sound like more an issue for mountain roads than our Dallas suburbs, but even a couple of inches can create a situation in which a vehicle is pulled from its lane and cause a car accident.
  • Poor drainage is a problem for many reasons. First of all, even small amounts of water on the road can promote hydroplaning, especially when mixed with accumulated oil and debris. But some low lying areas can also accumulate enough water to trick motorists into attempting to cross dangerous bodies of water.
  • Construction zones are a necessary part of modern life. WIthout construction, our roads would deteriorate. But despite the orange cones and allegedly reduced speed limits, many drivers fail to slow down at all, placing themselves, other motorists, and construction workers at risk of sustaining an injury.

If poorly maintained roadways have caused you or a loved one to be injure in an accident, you owe it to yourself and to your family to seek compensation. Please contact Polewski & Associates today at 972-230-6200 to schedule a free case evaluation with one our Dallas car accident attorney.