Injury & Malpractice Attorney Serving Clients Near Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano, Arlington, Irving, North Texas & Arkansas

When people trust us to handle their serious injury and medical malpractice cases, that trust means a lot to us. Every single case we handle is unique, just like our clients.  What a jury may decide in any particular case is unpredictable.   That's why we can't promise that you will get the same result that a different client got in a different case.

What we can promise is that we will treat you and your case with personal and genuine concern.  Your case isn't like anybody else's case.  And your case is all that matters. Over the years, many of our clients have shared their thoughts and "thank yous" with us.

Here are a few of their comments:

"John and Barbara handled my car wreck case. They were both wonderful about everything that came up. They handled my case professionally and with personal care --as though I was part of the family. I recommend John with high esteem."
- Cheryl S.
"I got sued by one of my employees who was badly injured on the job. The accident happened because my employee had made a stupid mistake, but a lawyer convinced him to sue me and lie about what happened. John and his staff treated me with great respect and did a wonderful job for me at the trial of my case, which we won. I consider him a friend as well as a terrific lawyer."
- Antonio S.
"I was hurt in a car accident and both my insurance company and the other driver's insurance company were giving me real trouble.  I felt like Mr. Polewski and his staff really cared about me and my case, and they did a great job for me.  I absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer."
- Carolyn A.
"You always hope you never need a lawyer, but when you are left having to readjust your life because of the carelessness of a driver with a suspended drivers license, and his Insurance company refuses to take responsibility for his actions, THEN, you need an attorney like John Polewski to advise and represent you. I will gladly recommend John to anyone that needs assurance of what is right. With his calm demeanor and his knowledge of the Law, you cannot go wrong."
- Margorie T.
"It was great having John and his firm represent my husband and me. He was on top of all the details and made us feel like he really knew what he was doing and we didn’t have to worry about anything I had originally hired another attorney to take my case, but after working on it for a year he just dropped us like a hot potato. John took our case when nobody else would take it, got it moving again and got us a settlement. I would recommend John to anyone else that’s looking for a medical malpractice attorney. He takes every case personally, and I think you’ll get good results."
"I was permanently disabled because of the negligence of my podiatrist. I highly recommend John Polewski.  I feel he cared about my case and got the maximum benefit for me. His paralegal (Barbara) is the best and was always there with the answers when I had a question."
- Lisa B
"John Polewski listened attentively to my concerns and worked diligently on my behalf. He explained the legal process to me and always took his time to address my questions and ensure I was pleased with his service.  He and his office staff were always prompt to respond and communicated clearly.  It was a pleasure to work with him despite the circumstances precipitating my need to hire an attorney."
- Ron D
"John Polewski was very good to work with. Very understanding and knowledgeable. He knows is job and he does it well. I would use him again, also recommend him to friends. Also he has a great staff under him. They are great."
- Eddie D.
"My daughter died because of medical malpractice by doctors and nurses at a hospital in Fort Worth.  Mr. Polewski and his team worked very hard on our case, and really cared about me and my family.  Mr. Polewski was very nice to me and my grandchildren, and made sure that they would be taken care of by the settlement of our case."
- Gail B.
"I lost my leg because of malpractice by my doctor. Mr. Polewski, Ms. Campbell and their team treated me like I was their own family and got me a great settlement."
- Dennis N