Pharmacy Error Lawyer

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There are a lot of medicines out there, and they are very effective when used properly. However, these medicines can be deadly when they are given in the wrong amount, or to the wrong patient. Unfortunately, both in hospitals and in drug stores around the country, people are given the wrong medications, often with tragic results.

Sometimes these medication errors happen because of the inattention or pure sloppiness of hospital staff or physicians. Other times, it happens because a doctor doesn't write a prescription clearly or a pharmacist reads the prescription incorrectly.

When a pharmacy error causes you to receive an incorrect dosage of a medication or the wrong medication altogether, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages through a medical malpractice lawsuit. The Dallas pharmacy error lawyers at Polewski & Associates will stand by your side every step of the way to ensure that the negligent pharmacist is held accountable for his actions.

Common Pharmacy Errors