Can I Sue a Commercial Truck Driver?

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If you or a family member was seriously injured in a truck accident, or if a loved one was killed in a truck accident, then you should contact our experienced accident attorney, John Polewski, right away. You may be able to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries in a truck accident lawsuit.

You may be able to sue the driver of the commercial vehicle, if the driver is the person responsible for causing the accident. There are a number of parties who may be responsible for the negligence that leads to the causes of truck accidents. These parties include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Architects of a dangerous roadways

If the accident was caused by driver error, such as driver fatigue, then the truck driver can likely be held responsible. You need a lawyer experienced with these types of accidents to help you determine who should be held accountable for your injuries. Truck accidents are often catastrophic events, causing debilitating and even fatal injuries easily. You deserve compensation if the accident was caused by someone else's carelessness.

If you were seriously injured in a truck accident and seeking the advice of an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer, please contact Polewski & Associates for a free case evaluation.