Common Nursing Home Cases

Ever since the Texas Legislature made the serious mistake of passing a law which limited liability of nursing homes for injuring or killing elderly people, lawyers who represent injured people have seen a rise in the neglect of senior citizens.  This is no surprise:  when you tell anyone that there will be no serious conseqence for misconduct, the result is more misconduct.

What this has meant for Texas senior citizens is more of the most common types of injuries at nursing homes:

  • Falls and "Drop" Injuries.  Seniors often have poor balance or they are bed bound and have to be transferred from their beds to wheelchairs.   Nursing homes in Texas now typically assign fall supervision or transfer duties to barely trained and very poorly paid employees who drop seniors or are "too busy" to watch them.  The result is that frail bones break.  The worst part of these injuries is that senior citizens often cannot heal from the injuries, or even die from them.  Our lawyers have seen cases where badly broken bones were ignored for days--leaving defenseless seniors to suffer and get weaker and more infected by the day. 
  • Bed sores.  Decubitus ulcers, or "bed sores" happen when a nursing home resident who is confined to a bed or a wheelchair is not moved often enough to prevent the pressure on their skin from causing it to break down.  Federal and state regulations require that people not be left motionless for that long.  These same statutes require that the bed sores be identified and treated before they grow.  But nursing homes routinely ignore these regulations--because it costs money to provide the care required by the regulations, and because they know that tort "reform" protects them from having to pay for their negligence.  Our attorneys have seen cases where nursing homes allowed bed sores to grow to the size of a dinner plate, going right through skin and muscle to expose the bone.
  • Malnutrition.  Everyone needs a healthy diet.  Senior citizens are particularly at risk for poor nutirition because often they cannot care for themselves.  In the nursing home, if the nursing home doesn't feed them properly, often their family has no way of knowing that until it is too late.  The result:  our grandparents and parents in these homes waste away, or get heart or kidney problems caused by malnutrition.
  • Medication Errors.  Seniors and their families rely on nursing home staffs to provide proper medication.  All too often, they do not, or give the wrong medications, or fail to alert the family or doctors that the senior is ill.  Delays in treatment or medication can be fatal, and often cause serious injury.

What Can We Do About It?

You can call lawyers experienced in nursing home malpractice cases.  At Polewski & Associates, we know the legal and medical issues involved in nursing home cases.  We know how to help seniors and their families even in these terrible times when Texas law puts so little value on senior citizens and their suffering.  It is truly shameful how the Texas legislature has decreed that the suffering of elderly, helpless people is worth so little, and shameful how many hurdles and hoops plaintiffs in these cases must get through to get justice.  The result is that these very difficult cases are sometimes impossible to pursue.

At Polewski & Associates, our attorneys are some of the very few attorneys left that will handle these cases.  Even with today's shameful laws, we will help you and your family if we can

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