Prescription drugs are big business. You hear about new lawsuits everyday involving dangerous drugs. Baycol, Phen-fen, Rezulin, Propulcid, Celebrex and PPA are just a few dangerous drugs that have harmed innocent people. Huge drug manufacturers make millions from selling these drugs, many in full knowledge that the drug is dangerous.

If you or a loved one took prescription medicine that turned out to be a dangerous drug, please contact a doctor and an attorney immediately. The doctor can tell you how best to restore your heath. If you don't have a doctor, contact us and we can refer you to an experienced doctor. When you submit your dangerous drug case to Polewski and Associates, a lawyer experienced in dangerous drug litigation will fight to insure you have the money to pay for the expensive medical care you will most likely need to recover. You deserve medical compensation, restitution of lost wages and other damages if you've been harmed by a dangerous drug. At Polewski and Associates we help you recover what you deserve.

Are dangerous drugs released deliberately or is it negligence?

American health care is a billion dollar industry. With that amount of money it would stand to reason that, at a minimum, we could appropriately screen our drugs for danger. Are the lawsuits piling up around dangerous drugs claiming they were approved and distributed in error or with negligence?

The answer is both. Sometimes human error is involved. Faulty design facilities, technology glitches, bad inspection practices and defective testing methods can all lead to the production of dangerous drugs. However, are the companies, chemists and manufacturers who erred any less responsible for the medical problems victims of dangerous drugs endure?

Unfortunately, many times, the staggering amounts of money the creation, testing and production of a drug require push corporations into making decisions which deliberately harm their customers. Profit and greed can rule the day and cause corporations to put money first and your livelihood second. If a company releases a dangerous drug they should be required to pay for the damage it causes. The profit made from the drug should be returned in restitution to the people whom the dangerous drug harmed.

Why would a drug manufacturer sell a drug they knew was dangerous?

Once again, the answer is money. Drug manufacturers have to pay not only for the drugs that do make it to market but also for all the drugs that fail. It costs vast sums of money to conceptualize, design, test, patent and produce a drug. Drug manufacturers patent a potential drug early in case it does become viable. If a drug shows promise manufacturers will pour money into hurrying it through human trials, often ignoring danger signs.

Every day a drug is patented and is not making money shortens the time it will be protected from competitors. Generic drugs are copies of once patented drugs whose patent has expired and are sold at a lower cost. However, until a patent expires the maker of the drug has virtually no competition. Since those days are numbered, drug manufacturers must recoup every dollar spent previously on its creation. Once those costs are recouped then the drug company rakes in the profits until it loses the drug's patent rights.

Since so much money is involved, the situation tempts drug manufacturers to hide potentially damaging information about a dangerous drug and hope the FDA doesn't discover the negative findings.

The FDA and Dangerous Drugs.

Imagine the pressure the FDA is under. Drug companies lobby for reform laws supposedly meant to shorten the time a drug takes to become available to "help people person in need". Seriously ill people know a potentially lifesaving drug has been created but is "unavailable" since it is still in FDA trials. The amount of drugs the FDA must test and approve or reject is immense. While the FDA does its best to remain immune to these pressures, expedited approval does occur and mistakes are made because of a lack of time or money. Certainly, the FDA could improve some procedures, but in whole, they are here for our protection and are doing the best they can with limited resources.

Whether dangerous drugs harm your health because of an error or a deliberate concealment of evidence, the result is the same. Your heath is damaged because of a dangerous drug, not through any fault of your own. Consequences are often catastrophic to the patient and their family. Medical costs skyrocket, jobs are lost, pain and suffering are endured. In addition to the original heath concern, families now anxiously wait to find out the devastating future heath expectations associated with the dangerous drug.

Don't be a victim of dangerous drugs that were supposed to heal. You will need every penny you can gather to stay on top of your future medical bills. Why should you shoulder the financial burden for someone else's mistake? Contact us. Our lawyers are experienced in winning cases like dangerous drug cases. We don't stop fighting until you have received every bit of compensation to which you are entitled.

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